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September 13, 2018

Ben Midland

Casas do Poco 809-Z
City: Albufeira
ZIP: 8200-463


Dear readers, followers and fans,

My name is Ben Midland and I am suffering from Chronical Leukemia. I am looking to raise
money to help me pay for my medical expenses/food.

Without treatment with the prescribed medications, I will be no longer able to write my books. Yes, those you might read this very moment. Also, I will be not able to feed my family properly.

I’m writing to you to ask you to support me and my writing. Just a small donation of $20 can help me purchasing the proper medication.]

Your donation will go toward exactly what the contribution will be used for.

I believe that leukemia never must be the reason for a writer to stop, waisting his talents.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

  • Send a check in the pre-stamped envelope I’ve included (no cash, please!)

Thank you again!


Ben Midland


Me, scaring the refection in the mirror.

Halfway December 2017 I started to feel just ill. nothing else. After  a cold and surviving Portuguese style pneumonia, imported by the Moors I knew there was something deep inside of me going very wrong. I literally lost all my strength, endurance, my physical condition, leaving me coughing and breathless. First examinations showed a remarkable drop of my red blood particles. Trying to solve what seemed to me at first sight a “minor” problem I continued working, increasing my daily dosage B12.

On July 9 2018 my condition worsened, deciding me to go to the nearest hospital where I, only 25 ft. away from the main entrance collapsed on the road with just a value of hemoglobine count of g/dl. 3.5 from a normal 17, I was rushed inside with what appeared only 7.5% oxygen left in my blood.

Confinement for 3 days at the IC of the Hospitalar do Barravento do Algarve followed. Symptoms after further medical investigations pointed towards Chronical Leukemia. No doubts about it.

Foresights: Immediate and lifelong intake of medication, to be: corticosteroids such as Prednisolol;  an oral chemotherapy cure (endoxan) and others (colon and cardiovascular protection).

Range of life-expectancy: unknown. Depending on medication and harshness of symptoms.

Chances on outbreak a second: yet unknown, depending on effectiveness.

Disabilities: unable to walk for a stretched period of time, caused by the corticosteroids; overall muscle weakness caused by disappearance of musclestrength upper legs; breathing problems, ulcers, a swollen face, legs and arms (water retention), severe pain in lower back, hipbone and lower joints. To solve this, applying morfine-patches.

Momentarily, as I am still unable to walk, I work on my notebook from my bedroom. The living room with my desk is and stays an unreachable place for months.


I hereby place my humble request to every visitor of this page/site to buy at least one my books, here or with Amazon for sale, or:

Support me in a financial way. Donations are welcome, used to buy medication, diet-food, paying my hospital bills, means of transportation, insurance, fuel, energy and such related.




Well, my dearest friends, as you see already could expect this phases me out for quite some time from writing. NOT!!

I will prevail continuing my work, writing as much as I can. From my bed yes. The 20 meters to my desk, interrupted by only three steep steps are too much for now. I tried once, scraping the skin from my butt and legs.

With feelings of shame, loosing my dignity I don’t see no other option. Without help from outside I’ll never going to solve this. The medication only is already $200 per month.



Every day:

4×20 times decline sidekicks, lying on my bed.

100x ankle rotations

3x per week:

3×20 times calf-raise, while sitting on my bed with the use of an old rubber inner tube of a bike.

5×10 times squat, while sitting on my bed with the use of an old rubber inner tube of a bike.

Every Sunday I attempt to stand straight on my legs with my knees wrapped. No succes yet.




Intake on September 22, 2018

Prednison (Corticosteroid): 2×20 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon.

Chemotherapy Endoxan): 5mg per day.

Cardio-protection:  Bisoprolol, 2,5 mg per day

Gastroprotection: Pantoprazol, 40 mg per day


Proof of illness (PDF)



For the USA: by cheque with any well known bank such as VISA or American Express at the name of the beneficiary Jacobus Franciscus Maria van Weelde, Casas do Poco 809-Z, Paderne, with the Postal Code 8200-463, Portugal.

For Europe: a donation using the bank account (IBAN) nr. NL03 INGB 0683 0797 86 at the name of JFM van Weelde.

Thank you.

Ben Midland & Family







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