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Everyday I receive lots and lots (and believe me, lots) of email from my readers and fans. Unfortunately too much for me to respond to all of them. So if you’ve emailed me and haven’t received a response yet, all I can offer are my apologies.

There’s a solution: using the contact form on this site. It’s right here.

That’s not to say I don’t read them all, however. A few of the letters are cranky and a few are just, well, strange. The vast majority of them are wonderful, however. Believe me, after decades laboring in the sort of anonymity that is customary for most authors, it’s great to hear so much enthusiasm for my work.

And sometimes my readers send me stuff with their emails; photographs, artwork, essays, cartoons (no computer viruses as I don’t run Windows, heheh… :-). Even food which I share with my family! Some of what they send to me is weird (which I like), and much of it is wonderful, so I thought I’d add this “fan page” to my website enabling myself I could share a little of it with you.



  • Illustration “The Connaisseur” from Femke



  • Illustration “The Celliste”  send in by Femke



Essays, poems, haiku…


Food in General

  • From Astrid H.


  • From Carona, Gronau, Germany 

Live Food Stock (nah, just kidding)

Web Thingies: (html, pdf, other, txt files, .docx etcetera)


Animated GIF


Sound (Mp3, wav, etcetera)


Images (jpg, png, Mpeg4 videos, etcetera)



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