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Ben Midland in Paperblog: LINK


On May 20, the poem “Door Cupido getroffen” (Hit by Cupid” written by me finally meets daylight.
Did you ever experience such a thing, that a poem written by yourself gets rejected at first. Reason: too traditional (beautifully written, long sentences)?

Publication on April 22, 2018 in “Poethement”, a monthly printed and online poem magazine. Link Here



Ben Midland in BookTalk: LINK

The Devil’s Society in Suomalainen (Fin): LINK


Well, well, waddayouknow. My bundle ‘Capriolen maken’ next to Gordon’s ‘confessions.’
For those unknown with Gordon. He is a Dutch celeb, presentator, quiz-master and singer. What an honor!



foto van Alessandro De Angelis.

To appear this year from my friend and colleague-writer Alessandro De Angelis.

In his book, the lies, spreaded about the birth and life of Jesus Christ are exposed.



It’s Springtime! Check my new campaign poster for ‘The Devil’s Society’.

I made it in Canva. The photo has been edited with GIMP, the Linux Open Source Editing tool.




Article in a Roman newspaper, the Corriere Della Sera International (full text)



Rome – Februari 6, 2018

Fifteen years after the publication of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci code, this year it is a Dutch writer who publicly challenges the Church to open up. Ben Midland, author of ‘The Devil’s Society’ a controversial suspense novel, published in December last year faces trial. In his book he questions the practices of the inhabitants of the Vatican, starting with a risky prologue about the ritual rape by members of the Jesuit order of two orphans followed by the initiation of a novice Jesuit in which blasphemy predominates. The story itself is about the murder of a cardinal and a quest for a female pope used by the author to unveil the malicious practices of the members of the Order.

The author relies on his research during several years and interviews with whistleblowers and ex-Jesuits who left the Order after in their turn being threatened. Midland’s comment on the Jesuit plans to prosecute: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to finally stop these people? Now is the best time ever. Look at what’s going on in this world. People are standing up, uncovering the truth they deserve to know. There’s no place anymore for pedophile bishops and fake clergy, trying to manipulate us. Vox Populi.”

Midland’s novel is available on

By way of reaction to this, I decided to wait for their official, written response towards me, after I will come with my own officlal reply.



‘La Società del Diavolo’


Attention all Guidos, Medigans and Italians out there. Coming spring, my already bespoken novel ‘The Devil’s Society” will be published in Italian! The title of the book will be ‘Società del Diavolo’ and appears on, and other online or offline bookstores this spring.






Image result for het parool transparant

 A reporter of an outstanding newspaper in The Netherlands, “Het Parool” called this morning for an interview about the publication of the book ‘Koplopers’. It turned out to be an instant, overwhelming interview by telephone.

Amsterdam, December 21, 2017


Upcoming: news about a book full Viking artefacts, written by my friend Thomas Kamphuis: LINK

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