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Ben Midland (pseudonym) is born in The Hague, The Netherlands at September 8, 1954. Ben Midland is a Dutch writer of English fact-fiction novels, a weekly blogger and publicist of short stories in his native language, which is Dutch. Besides Dutch, Ben speaks French, German, some Spanish, a pinch of Japanese (forgot many) and a mouthful of Tagalog. 



I am a giant Teddy Bear, believe it or not. I can’t stand it when you tickle me. With my nearly 300 pounds and 7 feet I don’t fit in regular size bed’s, cars, shoes, flip-flops, Philip Philops (that’s French for the same), suits, underwear, and so on. And if I can’t buy it, I make it myself.

Just like anyone else, I have feelings as well. I can get emotionally (not so easily anymore, lately). Useful emotions, my inspiration and thoughts I canalize to my fingertips and from there to the keyboard of my HP notebook. Writing them down in a readable way for which I take lots of time makes me a writer, finally, right?

Do you like British humor, Avant-garde music, decent conversations about literature, science, life or from time to time a good Dad’s joke, a glass red wine, a Jägermeister perhaps or a Famous Grouse? I do!

So we have already something in common which pleases me. Besides sitting behind my grandpa’s desk, jotting down about things some people like to read, I do like to go outside. My garden is my pride, and so is my little family. I use to go out to the gym for exercise. What else we might have in common? Hm. Let’s see… Ah. I know one! I don’t like playing games. I’m way to creative letting the pace of the dice to control my world. But I do like to read. My favorite food is spicy. Goulash, Indonesian, Mexican, Philippine style food, Irish stews among which is haggis.

I am a non-smoker, a night person but no morning dog, very polite according to myself, near to chivalry (I wipe my feet before entering a store) and I hate people who abuse animals, children, other people. Regarding my taste for non-food, I’m on the odd side, with a preference for the unusual things in life. I read to read dark books, prefer to maintain different views on matters and have a wide sense of humor, sometimes further than just deep.

Anyway, welcome to my page! Die-hards: please read along. The spicy (LOL) part starts down right here, with the fourth paragraph.


Ben Midland (pseudonym) is a driven and productive Dutch writer of thrillers, novels and short stories. His genre reaches from humorous books, non-fiction to on fact based suspense novels. Midland studied at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. He is a bachelor in Japanese language and Modern History and an expert in Japanese religion, mythology and folklore. Midland lived for many years in Japan and the Philippines. After 1998 he took up studying again and started a career in the IT wherein he worked for many years. In 2007 he became widower of his first wife, Lourdes Nudo van Weelde-Juson. Since 2013 Midland lives in Portugal, together with his second wife and family.

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands, Midland was mostly raised outside the safe periphery of the elderly home, staying long-term in numerous Roman-Catholic Boarding Schools run by nuns until his 16th. Midland never became recognized by his stepfather. Forbidden to study, Midland enrolled on a Bakery School and worked as a full-blown baker / pastry maker until his 19th when he took up crash-courses to be able to enroll on High School and Senior High School. Final target: the University of Leiden to take up a study Japanology and to follow lectures.

In 1982, Midland left The Netherlands for Kyoto, the old capital of Japan where he lived and worked as Assistant Teacher English on a Junior High School. During his traveling back and forth between Japan and The Netherlands as of the (former) mandatory obligation for foreigners to leave Japan every six months, he visited other countries such as the Philippines where he met his future wife.

On October 16 1986, during the preamble of the People Power Revolution, amidst early revoltes and gunshots, Midland married Lourdes N. Juson, a daughter of a Philippine national and by life USA Marine officer who fought with the Allied Forces in Guam. Midland and his wife returned the same year to The Netherlands where he started as an entrepreneur with the founding of Japan Trade Consultancy, servicing and counselling Dutch traders and businesses, assisting them in their attempts to penetrate the Japanese market for their products. Serving this market during 4 years, Midland decided to return in 1994 to the Philippines together with his wife with the purpose to set up an IT company for the development and training of employees to make them get used to do their work with computers.

In the late afternoon of December 14, 1994 Midland’s wife got side swept by a so called self-made car (Ford Fiera) owned by a company called LCL Magallanes while waiting for a bus from the public transport system at the corner of Sta. Rosa Street / corner Pasong Tamo in Makati, Metro Manila to bring her home. Rushed to the Makati Medical Center Hospital she stayed during 4 months in coma. After a 4-year during trial against the driver of the vehicle and the owner, LCL Magallanes Midland returned back to The Netherlands where his wife underwent several needed, partially brain surgeries. For their living, Midland picked up his career in the IT again wherein he worked until 2013, the year he moved to Portugal.

December 5, 2007, Midland’s wife deceased as of heart-failure. On August 6, 2010, widower Midland remarried his present wife, Aleida (Angelique Loef). Out of the marriage with his first wife, a son was born. With his second marriage, Midland ‘inherited’ two sons who he accepted as his own.

December 2017. Ben got severely ‘hit’ by pneumonia, resulting in chronical leukemia which became discovered outside the hospital he was able to reach in time. His hemoglobine level at the moment was only 3.5%. After strong medication including a chemocure he became send home to recover.




WRITING CAREER (the Intro & the Outro)


The Intro

Started writing already at the age of ten, Midland never became stimulated to continue with it. After he stopped in his early days, it had to last until a burn-out in 2007 before he picked up writing again consequently. His first work, a 800 page suspense novel titled ‘The Sacred Mirror’, based on his expertise on Japanese Mythology, Religion and folklore it became published in 2012. Immediately after its appearance Midland started writing a second volume of what became known as the ‘Sandwell-trilogy’ with the title ‘The Devil’s Society’, a bestseller thriller accusing the Society of Jesus Christ (the Jesuits) of multiple malicious practices, idolatry, the elimination and blackmail of their opponents (Protestants, governments etc.) and the manipulation and infiltration of international institutions with the purpose to gain power over humanity. Research for another Jesuit-related work continues. In between, Midland wrote several humoristic books, 2 bundles with short stories, traditional Christmas tales, poems and essays.


The Outro

In 2020, Midland expects to publish the third volume of the Sandwell-trilogy. Other books Midland presently is working on are a historical novel, playing in Russia during the October Revolution, a multiple story omnibus, new short story bundles, a non-fiction book and his memoires.



As a person, Ben Midland prefers to call himself a fine example of “Dutch White Trash”. Born in a big family, but without a father figure never knowing his biological father and instead of growing up near or raised by his mother, he was forced to meet his personal boundaries. As a result of being ‘left behind’, Midland never accepted his ‘omen’ or the road paved for him nor didn’t compromise ever with what life has to offer to him. This, however was not enough.

Midland refused to accept these limitations set up to him and swore to himself to become successful in whatever he picked up. No matter what, study, sports, a working career: he needs to win, continuously proving to his environment but more specific to himself that he is capable doing whatever. After his fled from the Philippines, Midland studied computer science and started a career as a Unix system engineer, working for a number of government organizations among which is the CRI (Central Dutch Intelligence) and private companies.




Phone: +351 289 367 492



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