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During my stay in the Philippines from 1994 until 1998 I became overwhelmed by the poverty of the people living in the slums of Metro Manila. I made myself the promise that whenever I have the opportunity to take away a slight part of their daily sorrows, I commit myself to accomplish a way to relieve the lives of these children. Now, ten years after I started writing and founded the BEN MIDLAND FOUNDATION, selling a growing number of books every month I consider myself lucky enough to be in the position to reserve an amount each quarter of every year to come with the purpose to use it for these childeren.
Most of them do not go to school but work 18 hours or more in sewing ateliers, scraping the outside layers of Smokey Mountains, Manila’s municipal dump to foresee in their needs in search of recyclable materials or being exploited in the sex industry.

My message here is clear. A lot of these children never make it to build up their own valuable life.




I see it as one of my main tasks in life to give these children a chance. To accomplish this, for every sold book starting at January 1 2018, one (1.00) Euro will be transferred to a special account of THE BEN MIDLAND FOUNDATION.
From this account, every quarter of every succeeding year the total will be transferred to the Parochia of the Child Jesus, Paranaque, Metro Manila to foresee in a ‘knapsack’ which will be spend directly at one kid in the city. So there’s no ‘man in the middle’, no greedy CEO, manager or other organization other than the church organization itself which I know and checked myself.



Up to now, the BEN MIDLAND FOUNDATION has no staff, CEO or manager as it is still small. It’s members are people with their heart at the right place, supporting the foundation on a voluntary basis.



During my stay in the Philippines it happened to me to find the municipality of Paranaque, a suburban town under Metro Manila to be the best place. With its overpopulation but at the same time large and well organized structure of church-based organizations and parishes I selected this the parish of the Church of Child Jesus to be the best partner for receiving the money.









Contactperson: Pedro (Pete) N. Juson, presenting the Child Jesus Parish



Eventual donations to support the BEN MIDLAND FOUNDATION are welcome. Please transfer your gift to:

Bank account (IBAN): NL03 INGB 0683 0797 86. at the name of J.F.M. van Weelde.

As of a reference, state your name or the name of your organization + address details..



Please also visit the official Ben Midland Foundation on FaceBook: HERE


Thank you,

Maraming salamat!


Ben Midland, founder of the BEN MIDLAND FOUNDATION











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