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In search for interesting facts and facts for a short story about Kalliope, one of the nine divine muses who provides writers of stories, books and epic stories with inspiration, surprisingly I did not only ran into references to her name, but I also discovered a for me unknown and totally new music instument, the Calliope, a wind or gas driven mobile musical instrument, more known as wind organ. The system with which tones are produced is based on the same principle as a train whistle.
Invented by Joshua C. Stoddard of Worcester, Massachusetts, patent holder who called it a steam trumpet, it was his intention to replace church bells and to give it a place on the steam powered Missisippi boats as an attraction.
Around 1900, the Calliope was gradually replaced by the organs driven by music roles and books, most of which can still be admired in Amsterdam.

Listen to the sound of a Calliope in operation:  https://youtu.be/3GrS2rZPJGs 


Posted by Ben Midland

Ben Midland (pseudonym) is a driven and productive Dutch writer of thrillers, novels and short stories. His genre reaches from humorous books, non-fiction to on fact based suspense novels. Midland studied at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. He is a bachelor in Japanese language and Modern History and an expert in Japanese religion, mythology and folklore. Midland lived for many years in Japan and the Philippines. After 1998 he took up studying again and started a career in the IT wherein he worked for many years. In 2007 he became widower of his first wife, Lourdes Nudo van Weelde-Juson. Since 2013 Midland lives in Portugal, together with his second wife and family.

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