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Welcome to the official website of Ben Midland.


Ben Midland’s latest novel, ‘The Devil’s Society’


DISCLAIMER: The Devil’s Society includes religious, sexually and pedophilia related text and passages. All information mentioned in this book is reliable and all content in this book should be considered actual.

A controversial thriller, playing in Rome, Italy, containing shocking, factual material about the occupiers of the Vatican. A compelling story wherein many lies about the followers of Jesus Christ become exposed.

The Devil’s Society is a vivacious story of suspense and intrigue in the mysterious city of Rome. With this novel, Ben Midland treats us on a revealing, unforgettable journey through the underground corridors of the ancient city of Rome of his factual universe that he introduced with the rape of two innocent street children.



In the catacombs of a Papal Basilica in Rome, the mutilated body of a Cardinal is found by the police. Evidence discovered at the scene of the crime points to William R. Sandwell, an American professor staying in Rome. When an anonymous person sends Sandwell a mysterious text message that leads him to a valuable religious relic the police begin to close in.

Pursued by Italian Police Inspector De Angelis, Sandwell is determined to prove his innocence and find the true perpetrators. Assisted by beautiful Italian activist Rafaella Fabbri, Sandwell soon realizes the murderer lives in the Vatican. Their investigation exposes a ruthless group of corrupt clergy within the Vatican whose goal is nothing less than world domination. In a race against time, Rafaella and Sandwell must discover who is behind the plot and find a way to stop them before they can sabotage an important summit of world leaders in Rome.

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(The Countdown)

In a world where its leaders are engaged in a technical race for power, William R. Sandwell, professor of Shinto and Japanese history witnesses on an evening after a Sumo wrestling match an abduction of his friend, police inspector Yamashita.

Shortly thereafter he’s being taken hostage, along with a Chinese journalist, Lulu Wang, and transported to a most inhospitable place in Alaska. There they witness a secret weapon of mass destruction, hidden by the US Army.

Sandwell, a celebrity in Japan, will be forced to persuade the political leaders of the country to cooperate with the nefarious plans of the owners of the system who demand the transfer of a ridiculous large sum of money worth trillions of dollars.

When Sandwell refuses, the secret weapon will be put into operation which cost the lives of millions of innocent people. A devilish dilemma overtakes him as he learns what the weapon is really capable of.

Expected in 2020

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